Furniture Moving Services in Dunedin, Clearwater, & Pinellas County, FL

At The Dime Moving Company in Dunedin, Clearwater, & Pinellas County, FL, we are a furniture movers company that can help you move home furniture from one residence to another. We can also move business furniture, and we can transport furniture from a retailer or a wholesaler to the customer either at the request of the store or the client. Our furniture moving services are reasonably priced and available on demand.


We can even move large furniture from one side of your home to another. If furniture has been delivered but not moved in, you can call us to bring it inside and place it. You can count on us because we have the skill, experience, and equipment to move any and all types of furniture small and large.

If you need large, heavy, or valuable pieces of furniture moved, leave it to the professionals at The Dime Moving Company. Call us today and learn why we continue to be a leading furniture movers company serving residents and businesses throughout the Dunedin, Clearwater, & Pinellas County, FL area.